You Never Knew Mango Leaves Offer These 7 Incredible Medicinal Properties!

The majority of us know that mangoes are delicious and offer a variety of health benefits. But what most of you didn’t know is that mango leaves can offer even more powerful medicinal properties which boost the health and overall body.

They’re nutritious and healthy for regular consumption. They’re just like any other leaves, green in color but what makes them special is their importance to our health.

They’re rich in:

  • Vitamin A, B and C
  • Phenols and Flavonoids
  • Potent Antioxidant Properties

Mango leafs can be used to treat a large number of health conditions, and down below we have listed 7 of its incredible medicinal properties:

  1. Diabetes

Mango leaves are packed with anthocyanin and tannins, which are essential for treating diabetes in the early stage. Simply dry the leaves and crush them until you have them in powder form.

Soak the leaves in water overnight, strain and drink the water and this will relieve the diabetic symptoms. These leaves are rich in tannins called anthocyanin useful for treating diabetes in the early stage.

The leaves have also been known for containing a compound called ethyl acetate extract as well as 3beta-taraxerol, which helps in the synthesis of the glycogen. The stimulation of synthesis of glycogen will help treat hyperglycemia.

  1. Helps Treat Restlessness

Anxiety is what triggers restlessness, and this is a problem where we usually can’t find an easy solution and we tend to fall deeper and become more anxious and restless.

You might have noticed that in most Indian homes, the entrance is covered with mango leaves at the door step. This is because it indicates calmness.

Simply add the mango leaves to the bath water or prepare a tea and add it to the bath water. This will refresh the body, calm your nerves and provide an overall feeling of relaxation.

  1. Reduces Blood Pressure

The mango leaves have a property called hypotensive property which efficiently lowers blood pressure and strengthens the blood vessels.

  1. Respiratory Problems

If you’re suffering from asthma, cold or other respiratory issue, use mango leaves to treat the symptoms. Set the mango leaves in boiling water and add a bit honey. This will treat coughs and voice loss related problems.

  1. Stops Dysentery

To stop dysentery, use dried mango leaves powdered and taken with water, 3 times a day.

  1. Heals Burns

Simply burn a bunch of leaves until they’re ashes and apply them on the affected area. This will relieve your pain and accelerate the healing process.

  1. Ear Aches

There is a quite simple method to treat ear ache using mango leaves. Start off by extracting the juice from the mango leaves, take a spoon, heat it a bit and use it as eardrops to relieve ear pain.


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