The Number One Food For Hypertension, Heart Attack, Cholesterol And Stroke

If you’re also on the “hunt” for the most beneficial food in the world, then you’ve come to the right place!

We recommend you to try dates as they provide tons of healthy benefits thanks to their healthy properties capable of treating a number of health issues such as hypertension, heart attacks, strokes, and cholesterol and heart problems.

They support the overall metabolism and boost it in many ways, as they’re rich in nutrients.  Down below are the top 8 health benefits of dates, so give them a look!

  1. Dates are rich in iron

Dates are rich in iron, which makes them extremely helpful for people suffering from anemia as well as for children and pregnant women. It is recommended that you consume a 100 g of dates per day as even such small amount contains 11% of the recommended daily iron dosage. Iron is essential for supporting the flow of oxygen through the blood.

  1. Dates prevent diarrhea

Aside from iron, dates are also rich in potassium – an essential mineral that prevents diarrhea and relieves the belly flora and the intestines.

  1. Dates soothe constipation

Dates are packed with potent relieving properties which treat constipation and diarrhea. Dates are also capable of aiding proper digestion. Simply put a few dates in a bowl of water and let them sit overnight. Consume them the next morning and you’ll notice the improvements.

  1. Dates control body weight

Consume dates on an empty stomach in order to prevent excessive fat. This will also maintain your healthy body weight. However note that they’re rich in sugar so be careful how much you consume.

  1. Dates regulate cholesterol

Dates can also efficiently regulate the unhealthy cholesterol as they cleanse the blood vessels and prevent blood clots.

  1. Dates strengthen the heart

Soak the dates before going to bed, and strain them in the morning. Put out the seeds and eat them. You will notice improvements soon.

  1. Dates regulate blood pressure

People who suffer from hypertension are recommended dates as they’re rich in potassium and lack sodium.  Only 6 dates can contain up to 80 mg of magnesium – an essential mineral which improves the blood flow and decreases blood pressure if consumed in larger quantities.

  1. Dates prevent strokes

As we mentioned above, dates are rich in potassium which improves the nervous system and prevents strokes. Consume 400 mg of potassium a day and you’re good to go.


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