NYC Subway Banned Dogs Unless They Fit In A Bag, So These 15 Owners Got Creative.

The new policy of New York City states that large dogs that can’t fit in a bag, aren’t allowed and are banned from the subway system. However despite the strict rules, instead of giving up and following this rule, pet parents from New York decided to take things into their own hands and get a bit creative. The rules said that the dogs must fit in a bag to be deemed as travel worthy, and the pet parents accepted the challenge.

At first it seemed that dogs above 10 pounds wouldn’t make it into the subway system any more, however the city dwellers beat the system in the most creative way possible.

Check out the creative ways people sneaked their big dogs in the subway below!

  1. Now that is a Pit Bull in a duffle

  2. Travelling with style!nyc-subway-banned-dogs-unless-they-fit-in-a-bag-so-these-15-owners-got-creative2

  3. Small

  4. Sitting pretty is

  5. He looks like he can get used to that!nyc-subway-banned-dogs-unless-they-fit-in-a-bag-so-these-15-owners-got-creative5

  6. It’s Balto in a bag!nyc-subway-banned-dogs-unless-they-fit-in-a-bag-so-these-15-owners-got-creative6

  7. This is way too

  8. Absolutely

  9. These two crushed

  10. Catch the

  11. This is the comfiest as it

  12. The best so far!nyc-subway-banned-dogs-unless-they-fit-in-a-bag-so-these-15-owners-got-creative12

  13. Backpack? More like nap sack!nyc-subway-banned-dogs-unless-they-fit-in-a-bag-so-these-15-owners-got-creative13

  14. Trying to get used to

  15. Whatever you say pet parent!



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