One Of The Biggest Native American Protests Is Happening Right Now And You Need To Be Informed About It!

Right at this moment, what many people consider as the biggest Native American PROTECT (and protest) is happening. Apparently the US Government wants to take control of some of the Native American lands in order to grant permission to oil developers to drill in the land via pipelines. And we all know how the beautiful piece of land will end up after that…


The Tar Sands, Before Image and After Image

Similar to the pathway of the failed Keystone XL project, this new Bakken Pipeline is planned to run across Ogallala and the Mississippi rivers through the native lands.

The plans are to take the natural resources of the US and sell them to European and Asian markets.


Think Progress with Alejandro Fragoso reported that the construction of a controversial oil pipeline has fueled large protests to in North Dakota with people who want to protect the lands. James E. Boasberg who is the judge that heard out the request of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe against the Bakken pipeline oil line said that he would have his decision made by 9th of September.

The tribe stated that they are pleased to have had their day in the court and he hopes that people will understand why and how their request is important and that they will find justice.

The Native Americans community claims that the pipeline is a threat to some of their sacred sites and important waterlines that even a small mistake might damage their water resources. However the company that is building the project aka DakotaAccess insists that there are no risks whatsoever and that their project will even benefit the region through building independence and boosting the energy in the region.

However the first an main reason that the Native American community fear  these companies with similar projects is because of the Exxon Valdez oil disaster back in 1989. This created doubt in many people about their future investments in oil companies. Even Asia and Europe started working towards reducing their carbon footprint on the planet and coming up with greener energy sources, but America seems to be stuck in these old energy sources.


Mr. Fragoso also added that the Bakken pipeline is around 50 percent completed and the oil is supposed to be delivered in January since the construction continues everywhere else except in Dakota.

Amongst the hundreds of protesters, famous actresses Susan Sarandon and Shailene Woodley were also noticed to be a part of the protest.

The Bakken pipeline is considered by many to be the largest oil line that comes out of North Dakota’s oil fields and is one of the nation’s most active pipelines. The line is expected to move around 570.000 barrels of oil through Iowa, Dakotas and Illinois on daily basis.

The $3.7 billion pipeline is expected to be spread across many watersheds in its 1,150 mile course and aside of the risk it brings to the sacred places, there is also a risk of oil spill damage to thousands of miles of fertile farmlands, rivers and forests even though that federal agencies claim that this pipeline avoids all critical habitat” which is false.

Most of the land that is in risk of being affected is farmland and wildlife areas with huge waterways like the Mississippi and the Missouri river.

What do you think about this issue? Would you still trust in these companies despite all of the track records related to oil disasters? Do you think that we can trust our government and private industries when it comes to running watersheds and rivers? And just imagine the possibilities of the damage in these areas and the consequences that will follow!


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