Owner Frustrated By Dog Shedding In Car, Invents Hilarious Doggy Leotards & People Can’t Stop Cracking Up.

The owner of a huge Saint Bernard by the name of Tyson Walters, despite his endless love for his dog, became completely frustrated every time he had to take his dog to his car. He stated that his car was ruined thanks to Harley’s hair that would intertwine in the fabric of the car and never come out. As far as we know this is a common problem for dog owners all across the world.

This problem caused Tyson to start day-dreaming about a solution that would prevent the shedding of dogs in the first place. As soon as he realized that there was no solution to the problem – he decided to be the first one to take the matters into his own hands and make one. This led to the invention of the Shed Defender. Basically, the shed-defender is sort of a dog-leotard and it is completely awesome.

Down below are some hilarious images of dogs wearing the now-famous shed-defender. Check them out!



The shed-defender Tyson came up with completely covers the neck, middle and libs of the dog, only leaving only the fur on the tail, feet and face. Nonetheless, this invention saved the shedding-crisis of many dogs and pet owners.



The dog doesn’t have to wear the shed-defender all the time in fact you decide when you’re going to use it. Whether it is going to be when you’ve freshly vacuumed your carpet, or when you’re taking your dog for a car ride. It is completely up to you. You can also use it to prevent your dog from getting dirty and picking up allergens, as well as a replacement for the “cone of shame”.


The shed-defender is lightweight, stretchy and will without any problem, allow the dogs to breathe and prevent them from overheating.


We guarantee that the photos of these dog-leotards will give you a good smile. Enjoy the photos and share them with your friends so they can have a portion of giggles too!

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