How to Prepare for Spiritual Battle

You as a believer are a part of a spiritual conflict every day. If you aren’t aware of this inner conflict chances are that the devil has you in the right spot where he wants you. This article will help you acknowledge and encourage you to think and know about this inner conflict.

Preparation for a Spiritual Battle

In order to survive your inner battle between the good in you which is God himself, and the evil which is Satan, Daniel needs to show you two very important things that every strong believer must know.

The Importance of the Scripture

The most important thing that we must be prepared for before a spiritual battle is the Scripture and its importance. If we recall what the angelic being said to Daniel, it is that the Scripture is “the sword of the Spirit” and it is sharper than any two-edged sword as it can be used both as a weapon for defense and offense.

As the Bible claims, the devil tries to deceive the whole world since deception is one of the main arrows that the Satan fires from his bow. Therefore if you’re a Christian, you must know the scripture, just like a surgeon must know how to operate and just like a singer must know how to sing. It is nonnegotiable and you can’t live without feeding and equipping yourself with the Word of God.

If you cut the Word of God and the Bible out of your life, you’ve just become a vessel for war. However if you keep these things close to you, you will have the upper hand in the inner war.

The so called Word of God is powerful enough to transform even the people who are lost in the realm of spiritual darkness, and bring them to the light, truth and enlightenment.

Every single time that we face a dilemma, a trial or a temptation, it is the Scripture demonstrating its power to cut through the moral blindness and dominion that has been inflicted on us by satanic forces.

The Prayer’s Importance

The second thing that Daniel is teaching us is the prayer and its importance. Every time you’re on your knees, you are put in the front lines of the battle. The prayer is so powerful it seems like you’re bringing a gun to a knife fight. The deceiver tries to prevent you from praying at all costs, but when you start your prayer, you receive the power to defeat the devil. We are on the winning side, and we have the big guns – prayers, and if God has our back, then who will stand against us?

And when it comes to the ultimate war – we can’t lose it since our commanding officer took the defeating blow and showed the strong men that he was stronger. So nothing will be able to take you away from the love, care and the plan of God.

It is normal to sometimes lose your way, but that is where the prayer needs to come in play to return you on the righteous way. The moment where the prayer comes into play is the moment where Daniel enters the war.

He understood that the global demonic conspiracy was stronger and bigger than he could face on his own, so he tapped to the power of the stronger one, and acknowledged his dependence on the Lord since it was his battle. He was given the armor for spiritual warfare that consists of the shield of faith, the sword of spirit, the belt of truth, the shoes of the gospel of peace, the helmet of salvation and the breastplate of righteousness, but the prayer is an essential weapon. It acknowledges that we’re still dependant on God.

What to Pray for

In a spiritual battle, the only things that you’re going to need to pray for are perseverance and the ability to keep steady and to not quit. Pray for wisdom to demonstrate the grace of God in these difficulties that you’re facing. Also, don’t forget to pray for others as well, fellow believers that face their own difficulties and wage their own battle. And at last, pray for victory since if you’re fighting the battle just like God wants you to fight it, he will reward you with the greatest joys and victory like you’ve never seen before.

The battle is real and our enemy is powerful, but standing united and ready to rumble makes us stronger than Satan and his followers. So pray my fellow believers!

Back in 1857 rumors of rebellion, slavery and war were being spread all across the U.S and just three years later Americans turned on each other and wrote history. However in the same year, a history of the kind you can’t find in textbooks was also made.

A Christian layman by the name of Jeremiah Lanphier held his first businessman’s prayer meeting in Manhattan on September 23, 1857.

Although he spent weeks passing out fliers, it wasn’t a success since only 6 people attended. This was followed by the crash of his stock market and thousands of families losing everything they had. It was not, by any account, a rousing success. A bitter irony was that this period in time was known as the biggest spiritual awakening ever known to man. As weeks went by, the lunch hour prayer group grew bigger and bigger.  Sometime later in December, believe it or not his six men has grew into 10,000 people who didn’t meet every week – but every day.

A spontaneous revival spread across the whole country when The New York newspapers noticed this event. Churches were filled with people and pastors were baptizing more than 20,000 new believers every single week.

This event or “revival” was also known as the “Third Great Awakening” and it spread across the whole world. Many English towns were converted and the police forces of many towns disbanded because there was no crime at all. Churches were literally forced to hold services outside in order to accommodate the enormous crowds. This was the first time that the world has seen something like this and it was definitely a revival on a global scale. And it was started by one man.

What do you think about this? Do you think that there is a chance history might repeat itself? Daniel was one person just like you are, and according to God it takes only one person and one prayer to move earth and heaven. The Prayer is our supernatural power source and ammunition for victory and we must use it!

Get on your knees believer, fight and you will win!


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