Put Irish Spring Soap In Your Garden and Watch What Happens Next!

Despite being considered the best period of the year for the growth of many plants, spring brings a number of dangers with itself, along with possible attacks of deer, rabbits, and herbivores. There are many solutions and products available on the market that claim to help you keep these “attackers” at bay, but they often fail to achieve significant results, so your garden ends up damaged in the long run.

This is why we are going to present you a pleasant-scented Irish Spring soap, and how you can use it as an effective repellent for your garden.

The Irish Soap’s scent is a powerful deterrent for mammals such as deer and rabbits, and best of all, the soap is rainproof, meaning that it won’t turn to suds after the rain.

How to Use It:

Cut the bars in small pieces, and drop them in cheesecloth or drawstring pouches. Next, draw the strings tightly to secure the pouch and staple the pouches to wooden stakes using a staple gun.

Once you are done, drive the stakes into the ground in 5-10 foot increments around the perimeter of the garden, but don’t forget to make sure you put more stakes around the heavy-traffic areas. Aside from that, you can also sprinkle smaller chunks of the soap on the ground as an additional protection.

The Irish Spring soap will help you deal with pretty much any type of mammals and prevent mammal damage to your garden, but keep in mind that it will not protect your garden against insects, which is why we recommend you look up a natural garden repellent for insects.

If you want to find out more information about the Irish Spring soap and its powerful repelling properties, watch the video below:


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