Remove Body Odor 2x Times Better Than Toxic Deodorants With Lime!

Believe it or not, sweat fight against infections. It is because a compound that it contains, called Dermcidin, kills the evil bacteria before they enter the body. But, antiperspirants ruin this natural process since they clog the sweat duck with toxins and aluminum. Then, the bacteria which is on your skin grows, multiplies, and enters the bloodstream.

If you want to prevent this, you will need to stop using commercial deodorant and antiperspirants, because of their high content of toxins that damage the health and cause cancer, Alzheimer’s diseases, and reproductive damage.

We need to take care of hygiene and body odor, it’s a fact. But, how to achieve that without using antiperspirants?

We suggest you to solve this problem naturally, by using lime. It’s completely safe for using and doesn’t cause any side effects. It has the capacity to stop occurrence of odor instead of masking itssmell, like deodorants do.

How to use it

Cut the lime in two halves and take the first half and rub it into the armpit. Then, do the same on your other armpit. Before you put on a shirt, let your armpits dry. That’s it. It will keep you safe from bad odor for couple of hours.

Why it works

Sweat does not have bad smell on its own, in fact. The smell comes from bacteria and fungi that are not killed by the dermcidin. Thus, bacteria keep on multiplying and thriving in your armpits. To find out more, watch the following video in which vegan Tiandra is going to explain in details how to use lime as a deodorant!


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