Science Says: Humans Can Absorb the Energy of Others

There is something about energy that makes people either totally aware of it, or completely oblivious. With that said, every single one of us carries a certain type of energy that is directly connected to what is going on in their lives at the given moment.

We’ve often gotten the “bad vibration” from a person we’ve never even met, yet something inside us felt like they were a “bad person” or not a suitable person for you to befriend. It’s like you’re receiving and transmitting signals. Many people get these “vibrations” but don’t understand why.

A recent study from the University of Bielefeld in Germany has discovered that plants absorb the energy from other plants, and with this said, Olivia Bader-Lee, a therapist and a physician decided to further investigate their findings.

The main energy source for plants as we know it is photosynthesis. However it was recently found out that they use an alternative energy source – other plants! This is when the concept of the human body being like a sponge (to absorb different energies from around us) popped up.

This explains why many people report feeling uncomfortable or at unease when in a certain mixed group, since they experience a mixture of emotions and energies.

They compare the human body to a plant that absorbs the energy that feeds our current emotional state and energizes the cells that feed our cells according to our emotional need.

Olivia’s theory also provides a good explanation about how some people are able to immediately shift their mood at any moment.

According to her, the modern world has made us distant from nature and thus we lost our ability to benefit from this energy exchange. Even at rare occasions when this “link to nature” reappears, we simply brush it off as a “supernatural” or “paranormal” occurrence.

It is up to you whether you’re going to agree or not, but keep in mind that even ancient cultures recognized these extraordinary events as a result from different energies appearing at different times.


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