Scientists Proved: Alcohol Is The New Gateway Drug, Not Marijuana!

Most people tend to accuse that pot is the most common gateway drug. However, they are wrong. In a recent study conducted by the Journal of School Health, it was found that the ultimate gateway drug is the ALCOHOL.

This study proves that the use of marijuana will not determine if a person will move on to consumption of more dangerous chemicals. Knowing someone who smokes marijuana doesn’t mean that he will take harsher drugs.

Adam E. Barry, a professor at the Department of Health Education & Behaviour at the University of Florida, in an interview, said that if someone delayed the consumption of alcohol will provoke affection of tobacco or marijuana in the later stadiums. He adds that the whole theory of considering marijuana as the gateway drug started in the 1930s when it was incorporated in propaganda and its follow-ups misunderstood. The latest theory was that it all begins with marijuana and then moves on to harsher drugs. However, as you are able to see from our findings, it was confirmed that it all starts from licit substances, such as alcohol, and then progress to illicit chemicals.

So, if we know a person who had done prevalent drug such as heroin, we automatically assume that they have already tried all others.

If we compare the substance abuse rate among non-drinkers and drinkers, we will see that high school seniors who had consumed alcohol at least once, are 16 times more likely to use marijuana, 13 times more likely to use cigarettes, and 13 times more likely to use cocaine and some other narcotics.

Barry warns that it’s actually the tobacco usage within the youth population which is far more dangerous and deadly and what we need to worry about because the rates of marijuana and tobacco use among the 12th-grade students in high school are almost the same.

Barry thinks that all of this is as a result of the easy access that children have to alcohol. Another reason is that alcohol is thought of as less harmful in comparison to other substances. Besides all the statistics showing the number of deaths caused by alcohol on an annual basis, the focus is still put on the marijuana instead of on the real cause.

The medical journal Lancet in 2010 ranked the alcohol as the most harmful drug, above crack, heroin, meth, tobacco, and cocaine. Barry thinks that it’s because it’s the era of budget tightening, and many social services have been cut down, people tend to rely more on alcohol.



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