Scientists Proved Negativity Encourages Growth of Internal Cancer

All of us, at a certain point in our lives, have felt betrayed, hurt, bitter, and so upset about a person or a situation that we have thought we would never forgive them. Then, we kept replaying the events in our heads, over and over again. Each repetition of it, makes us feel even worse about ourselves. Well, these harbouring emotions impact our health in a negative way. The only cure for that is the FORGIVENESS, which will be the topic of today’s article.

From a clinical perspective, forgiveness represents a relinquishing process of getting rid of thoughts and feelings of vengeance and resentment. Thus, forgiveness foster generosity, love, and compassion towards the ones who had inflicted our pain.

Forgiveness is not an easy process. It takes a lot of time to heal, especially if you have deep wounds and trauma. However, forgiveness is necessary and it really does happen. Keep on reading in order to find out why.

Forgiveness Improves Your Life

According to Dr. Steven Standiford, from Cancer Treatment Center of America, holding in these negative emotions will consequently create a chronic state of stress and anxiety. Moreover, it will produce an inevitable excess of cortisol and adrenaline that will prevent the production of the killer cells. The killer cells are the ones that protect us from cancer.

Forgiveness Helps You Feel Better About Yourself

As soon as you start thinking of an old memory of you being hurt, mistreated, or offended, then you immediately start feeling bad.  Actually, it’s the immediate psychological and emotional responses which occur as soon these negative memories occur. These responses include:

– Increasing of the blood pressure

– Tightening of your muscles

– Swelling

All of the above-mentioned signs are the signs of anxiety and stress. Many recent studies proved the fact that people who practiced forgiveness and empathy towards the ones that did them wrong, had a lower stress response. Approximately, 1,500 US citizens who forgave said that they felt satisfied with their lives. Moreover, they felt less sadness and less nervousness.

Forgiveness Impacts Your Immunity in a Positive Way

In a controlled study, 78 medicated HIV patients were assessed for thoughts, feelings, and behaviours of forgiveness. Those participants who forgave for real to the people who hurt them showed a higher percent of CD4 cancer-fighting immune cells!

Another benefit of forgiveness is the improvement of the cardiovagal tone and blood pressure. Researchers proved that forgiveness had a cardio-protective effect on our hearts. On the other hand, anger is cardio-toxic which can damage the heart muscle.

Forgiveness Improves Your Quality of Sleep

Forgiveness relates to the improved quality of sleeping. If you stay angry, resentful, or hostile, your sleep quality will be a lot poorer. And so, the list is never-ending.

The benefits of forgiveness to our health are tremendous. So, as soon as you consume all these facts, start making a plan of forgiveness. First of all, forgive yourself. Then, move to forgiving the others. In case you don’t know how to forgive, see the nearest psychotherapist in order to help you. The time of letting go of the past has come. It’s time to make space for a brighter and cheerful future.


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