Scientists Proved: People Having Blood Type Rh Negative Belong to an Extraterrestrial Lineage

In general, people have 4 blood types: A,B, AB, and O. This classification was made on the basis of the proteins found on the surface of the cells which are created to fight off viruses and bacteria in the human body. The majority of people have them, meaning that they are Rh positive. A small group of people on this planet earth lacks these proteins, which means they are Rh negative. Therefore, the question is: how this essential difference can be scientifically explained? Throughout the past, many scientific studies tried to reach the true answer.


Scientists think they discovered an extraordinary thing when it comes to Rh positive or negative. In the distant past, according to this theory, extraterrestrial beings had visited the planet Earth and wanted to create a race of ‘slaves’. In order to do so, they did ‘genetic manipulation,’ and created the Rh Negative.

The Basque people of France and Spain have the highest percentage of negative Rh blood.  Approximately, 60% carry one (r) negative gene and 30% of them have (rr) Rh negative.

Aliens, really? So, that’s why mothers with Rh negative cannot tolerate fetuses with Rh-positive blood. This natural and hard-to-explain intolerance happens because of an ancient modification in the genes. Instead of merging, this Rh negative and Rh positive tends to ‘repel’.

This theory originates from the ancient times, when one alien race The Anunnaki, came to the earth and built and created the first human communities and societies.

It is thought that they genetically altered the primitive human species, and thus, they created more adequate and stronger beings that were later used as slaves.

So, the Rh negative is the legacy that Anunnaki left on this planet Earth, among some other things. However, the Rh negative is so interesting. For instance, the Rh negative is characteristic to the British royal family that developed controversial theories about the extraterrestrial lineage.

Despite the fact that this hypothesis isn’t confirmed yet, it’s very interesting to see how people would react when they find out that a tiny group of world’s population possesses a genetic code which was altered in the past by extraterrestrial beings.

What if, these Rh negative people have a connection to the beings outside the earth for real? What if, after ‘skeptical’ views, there exists a mysterious bond between them. Will the life on Earth change?

According to the Genesis 6:2 in the Holy Bible, the sons of God, when seeing the beautiful daughters of men, they married them, all of which they chose. In addition, Genesis 6:4 say: God came into the daughters of men, who bare children to them, and those became mighty of old.

According to the King James Bible, Ex. 34:23 says that ‘men children of Israel, male children of God, not children of man’ and Ex. 34:7 says that ‘The iniquity of the father will be unto the children unto the 4th generation’.


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