The Secret of Planting Unlimited Amounts of Turmeric at Your Own Home

If you have heard of the numerous health benefits of the turmeric, then you must have wanted to have this plant in your own house. Doctors unanimously proved it as a miracle of the nature, since it is extremely effective in bacteria elimination, and healing many health issues.

It is widely used in the medicine with more than 600 different health applications. It is one of the commonest ingredients in wound treatments for curing thanks to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory potential. Some doctors claim that it is even more effective than ibuprofen.

Planting Turmeric

You can easily grow turmeric from its roots, that you can find in the healthy food stores. All you have to do is the following:

Cut the turmeric root into small pieces with 2 or 3 buds from it. Then, fill a pot with organic soil. next, dig up a small hole which will be 2 inches from the top and put the root in it with the buds pointing up. At the end, bury the buds and pour some water. You can even add some organic fertilizers while growing it, twice a month in order to make sure that it grows better.

Keeping it Well-watered

This plant requires plenty of water, therefore water it a lot, especially in the hot seasons. If you live in a hot place, water it each 3rd day, (with a day break in between). Water it less if you live in a colder place. You will need to prevent the soil from becoming mushy, meaning that you should adapt the watering by that. You can use a spray bottle.

Harvesting Your Turmeric

Wait for the roots to mature so you can exploit its true potentials. That occurs 10 months after plantation. As soon as they are fully matured, harvest them in one take. You can do that by digging your roots and get them out from the pot. Preserve some for later plantings if you want, but in that case, add fresh soil in the pot.

How to Keep it and Use it

Keep the turmeric roots in a dry and cold place. When using them, first of all, boil them for 45 minutes and then leave them to dry up for one week. Then, peel them and grind them finely until they become powder, that you use as a spice and add in various beverages or meals.


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