These Seeds Destroy Cancer Cells, Eliminate Astigmatism, and Improve Sleep!

Pumpkin seeds, which contain a large amount of cucurbitacins, are capable of elimination of cancer cells. Pumpkin seeds, when eaten raw, have numerous beneficial compounds which improve both physical and mental health.

Thanks to their anti-inflammatory properties, cucurbitacins are used for treatment of various cancer types in the early stages. The seeds of a pumpkin help women in menopause because they reduce the risk of breast cancer.

These seeds are abundant in manganese, magnesium, copper, calcium, potassium, iron, selenium, phosphorus, and etc. Zinc and magnesium improve the nutrient absorption.

If you add have a nutrient deficiency, add some pumpkin seeds to your menu in order to strengthen the immunity, sleep well, lower the levels of blood sugar, boost vision, and improve your skin complexion. Phytosterols and zinc, prevent the expansion of the abnormal cancer cells on the prostate.

The oil that derives from these seeds is widely used in the treatment of prostate issues because it’s rich in antioxidants and phytochemicals that prevent the damage of free radicals.

A bottle of pumpkin seed oil can be used over the meals and salads, because it’s high in omega-3 fats. It’s not recommended to put it on a heat since the bioavailability of its components vapor due to the high temperatures.

You can use these seeds raw or slightly roasted.


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