This Simple Trick Relieves Sciatica, Arthritis, And Back Pain! It’s Even More Effective Than Pills!

Castor oil comes from the Ricinus Communis plant and most of the time, it’s translated mistakenly as castor oil. The plant has 50% of this oil and its primary use is for purification.

The ricinoleic fatty acid that treats numerous diseases and acts in different aspects give the castor oil its medicinal properties.

The most common castor oil uses:





Moisturizing of the skin

Stimulating hair growth

Despite the fact that castor oil is highly beneficial to the human health, it’s use must be controlled because its overuse might lead to side effects.

Castor oil was used for treatment of many diseases, for skin care, and hair strengthening for decades.

At the same time, rubber production, textile industry, and manufacture of varnishes and paints take advantages of its characteristics.

Castor oil can treat gastrointestinal problems, as well thus boosting your immunity.

Thanks to its analgesic features of castor oil, it is widely used by people suffering from osteoarthritis, sciatica, or arthritis because they relieve chronic pain.

Castor oil cures acne, wounds, scars, warts, sebaceous cysts. It treats pain after insect bites, too.


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