Statin Scam Finally Revealed: Cholesterol Drugs Are the Reason For Brain Damage, Rapid Aging, and Diabetes

More than 100 million people worldwide take statin drugs, and unfortunatelly, we have some bad news for them: statin drugs are considered to be cellular poisons which cause rapid aging, muscle fatigue, memory loss, liver dysfunction, cataracts, and diabetes.

In a recent study conducted at the Tulane University, New Orleans, it was found out that statins ‘prematurely age’ the stem cells. However, statins make 10 billion dollars annually and that’s the reason why the pharmacies want desperately to sell these drugs, although they cause fatal side-effects.

According to UK Express reports, statin drugs make the ordinary users to grow older faster and providing them with a physical and mental decline on the long term. These drugs affect the stem cells badly, thus making them unable to repair the body damage.

Side effects

In a study published in American Journal of Cell-Psychology, it was revealed that statin drugs increase the risk of diabetes, myopathy, cataract, and memory loss. Also, they prevent the development of DNA genes for repairing, such as XRCC6, XRCC4, and Apex1.

However, pharmaceutical companies and doctor did their best to hide the terrible side-effects of these drugs, calling them ‘the miracle drugs’, although patients suffer severe side effects.

Lowered limits of high cholesterol

Numerous medical studies have been conducted all with the goal of lowering the levels of high cholesterol, as millions of people were rushing in the pharmaceutical stores to buy their medications. The panelist in the American Heart Association as well as the American College of Cardiology were bribed by pharmaceutical companies.

According to an article published in Natural News back in 2013, doctors have stated that the new guidelines will set a limit to how many people with low heart risk are put on statins, just because of their cholesterol number.

However, under the newly set advice, 1/3 of U.S. adults would meet the standards to consider taking a statin, which is more than twice of the 15% of adults which are prescribed statin under the current guidelines.

The only explanation and justification given for the panel having as much as half of its members tied to Big Pharma was that the ties between heart donors and Big Pharma were so extensive that it was impossible to find a large group of doctors with no industry ties.

The side-effects of using statins have long been shown to be alarming, noting that it can cause nerve damage as well as other health conditions, but the Big Pharma does not care about the health of the people, but the profits instead.

Therefore, to sum it all up, the stating drug industry is just as bad as the vaccine industry if not worse, and thanks to the researchers from the Tulane University, we now know the truth and can help spread the word about the harmful effect of statins.


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