Stop Hair Loss and Stimulate Hair Growth Using Only Guava Leaves – Amazing Remedy!

Guava leaves are packed with vitamin C, A, fibers and potassium and we’ve all heard how these nutrients are highly beneficial for the overall wellbeing of a person.

Down below are the top 17 benefits of guava leaves:

  1. Stimulate Hair Growth

Applying the water of boiled guava leaves on your scalp will stimulate hair growth and curb hair loss.

  1. Treats Bronchitis and Coughs

Bronchitis and coughs can be treated by drinking guava leaves tea.

  1. They Treat Allergic Reactions

You can easily get rid of itching and rashes by topically applying crushed guava leaves on the affected area.

  1. They Can Lower Bad Cholesterol (LDL)

Drinking homemade guava leaves tea will naturally lower your bad cholesterol while not affecting your good cholesterol (HDL) in any way.

  1. They Lower Blood Sugar

If you’re diagnosed with type-2 diabetes, guava leaves can efficiently regulate your blood sugar levels and help you manage the condition.

  1. They Boost Fertility

Guava leaves tea has been proven to efficiently boost fertility in males.

  1. They Can Be Used as a Facial Scrub

Crush and mix a few guava leaves with water and use them as a facial scrub to remove blackheads.

  1. They Can Treat Digestive Problems

Guava leaves have antimicrobial properties that effectively treat diarrhea and dysentery.

  1. They Treat Minor Cuts And Abrasion

You can use crushed guava leaves to treat minor cuts as the leaves are rich in potent antimicrobial properties and will stop infection.

  1. They Soothe Insect Bites

Crushed guava leaves can be used to soothe insect-bite irritations.

  1. Prostate Cancer

Guava leaves tea can be used in few cases to treat prostate cancer and enlarged prostate.

  1. Acne Treatment

Guava leaves are rich in vitamin C which is commonly used in many remedies for treating acne and pimples.

  1. A Feeling of Satiety

Guava leaves provide a feeling of satiety and fullness and eliminate food and snack cravings which is ideal if you’re striving to lose weight and don’t want to starve.

  1. Prevent Stomach Upset And Food Poisoning

If you’re suffering from an upset stomach or food poisoning, it is highly recommended that you consume guava leaves tea.

  1. Treatment of Dengue

In order to treat dengue, simply boil 9 guava leaves in 5 cups of water until the water is reduced in half. Once it is done, strain the tea and drink it three times a day.

  1. Treat Toothache

Chewing guava leaves can improve oral hygiene and can efficiently cure sores, inflamed gums and even toothaches.

  1. Anti-aging Treatment

Prepare a guava leaves face mask by crushing a few guava leaves and mixing them with water. Apply the mask on your face as a facial scrub and it will prevent wrinkles and premature aging.

We encourage you to start using guava leaves on daily basis in order to see all of the amazing health benefits they can provide.

Source: Healthy Food House

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