Strict Mothers Raise More Intelligent and Successful Children!

The majority of children have been raised by strict mothers who ordered to do their homework, clean their room, and focus on their bright future.

Although the mothers were doing a hell of a life to their children, the constant nagging later turned out to be a positive thing: these children have become more successful and more intelligent. So, these children should thank their mothers for treating them like that.

In a study conducted by Erica Rascon, a professor in the Essex University, it was found that almost all successful people were raised by demanding mothers. In addition, the study proved the fact that strict mothers have more intelligent children. The study involved more than 15,000 children between the ages of 13-14. As a final output, Rascon stated the fact that the mothers usually were the ones who have high expectations and imposed them over their children in order to access higher education.

These children, turned out to be more secure and confident. According to the results, daughters who were exposed to constant nagging and who had persistent mothers, were by 4% less likely to get pregnant at a premature age.

In addition, children having nagging mothers were more likely to have a good job when finish college. Many children, while growing up, consider their strict mothers as their true enemy and avoid them. However, it seems that putting out with that will be of a great use to them in their later stages in life.

Although the mother made their life a living hell, when the children will be adults, they will be thankful to her for the effort she made to raise them properly.


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