This Study Shows How Humans Can Feel a Force Field Around Them


Many ancient and traditional practices involving auras and electromagnetic fields of the body, claim that there is in fact something going on around us that we cannot understand. However many people interested in this matter have been searching for a way if possible to feel this electromagnetic force field around our bodies, and this study claims to be able to show you exactly how!

A new scientific study was done that claims the force field around our body is there to help us sense and avoid any type of harm.

This phenomenon was studied and published in the Cognitional journal. Scientist are bothered by this ability of humans to “feel” the space surrounding their bodies.


Although this ability could just be our subconscious trying to warn us and activate our reflexes to avoid certain danger, it is still amazing.

It acts similar to telling you whether something is coming your way and if it is going to hit you or not and whether you should quickly moves in order to avoid it.

What makes this study different and more amazing than the rest of the conducted studies, is that scientists were able to “trick” the people involved into tapping into this new sense to feel the space around them in order to experience the incredible phenomenon for themselves. The scientists were able to achieve this using an old mind trick experiment.

The old experiment the hands of the participants were hidden from their sight. They were however able to see a rubber hand in front of them. The scientists then brush the fake rubber hand and the real hand at the same time, and within a few seconds, the participants started reporting how they could feel the fake rubber hand being brushed like it was their own hand.

But in the modern version of the experiment, had their real hand that was hidden and stroked by the brush and the fake hand had a brush stroke above the rubber hand. So there was no physical contact.

Most of the participants now reported a “force field” between the rubber hand and the brush, and this effect started to wear off only when the brushes where 35-40 centimetres away from the visible rubber hand. This distance is also known as peripersonal space.


With these studies conducted, it was proven that the ordinary person was able to feel magnetic force up just 1 foot away from their physical body, meaning that this experiment might have helped some of them to tap into a sense that is yet unknown to us.

And this isn’t weird at all, since we know that our subconscious mind is extremely powerful and there are tons of things that we have yet to learn.

The goal of this experiment was to help people make a bit of sense of the “force field” they report feeling in their daily lives.

And what is truly interesting is that you can try this experiment at home!


Journal reference: Cognition, DOI: 10.1016/j.cognition.2016.06.004


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