Syrian Rescuer Digs For 2 Hours To Rescue Baby Girl, Bursts Into Tears The Moment He Finally Holds Her Safely.

The Syrian conflict is still tearing apart the country every day as men and women are doing their best to go around and save those in distress. A recent video was uploaded, which shows the emotional battle people have to wage, as a first aid responders pulled a 1-month-old baby from the ruins of a nearby building after a horrific airstrike.

The Syrian Civil Defense which was composed entirely of volunteers and civilians, was able to recover a woman along with a baby girl that were covered under the crushing weight of a structure. They were stuck there for 2 hours and when they finally got rescued, the responders didn’t know whether the girl was still alive or not. The man that was holding the little girl began rocking her back and forth to see if she was showing signs of life and miraculously, she let out a sweet cry.

The man couldn’t hold his tears back.

The rescuer that was holding her says that he felt a moment of deep connection and movement because he felt like she was his daughter. The girl luckily had no wounds only a few minor scratches.

The Syrian Civil Defense which is also known as the “White Helmets” stated that the woman and baby were both on the fourth floor of the building when the airstrike hit. It is a true miracle that both of them are almost completely unharmed.

Whatever you’re doing, pause for a minute and watch the emotional video that is currently touching the hearts of millions. A father’s love is the same, regardless of religion, creed and race. We are all human, and we’re all in this together. Share this emotional and touching story.



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