Take A Look What Happens in Your Body After You Drink 1 Cup of Coffee

For majority of people, coffee represents more than a beverage. It’s an essential part of our morning routine. In other words, coffee represents something we cannot live without. No matter if we drink it in silence or with friends, family, or business partners, drinking a cup of coffee is always a great idea.

That’s why, we decided to find out what happens in our body a few hours after having a cup of coffee.

After 10 minutes – the caffeine is already entered into our bloodstream. The heart rate and the blood pressure begin to rise.

After 20 minutes – you start feeling more focused and alert. You find it easy to bring new decisions and to handle problems.

After 30 minutes – Your body starts to produce more adrenaline, leading to slightly dilating of your pupils and vision sharpening.

After 40 minutes – Increase of the serotonin level in your body. This enhances the motor neurons function, which in their turn, increase the strength of the muscles.

After 4 hours – Coffee enhances the rate at which the cells release all of their energy. As soon as your body reaches this point, it begins to break down the excess fat and at the same time, to increase the stomach acids production.

After 6 hours – The caffeine provokes diuretic effect. Beside water, the body starts to lose some vitamins and minerals which are of essential importance. This leads to slight calcium metabolism disorders.

Source: brightside.me

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