Take This Medicine Only Once Annually And You Won’t Have Diseases Anymore

The today’s cure we are about to present you was invented by a monk from Tibet, more than 5 millennia ago and it’s completely natural. According to contemporary experts, it’s extremely potent and can prevent every health problem. That’s why you can use it only once in a year.

The main component of this cure is one vegetable – garlic, that represents one of the healthiest ingredients it the world. It is commonly used worldwide in numerous recipes. In the old tradition, it was even used for medicine and curing of hypertension, low pressure, cholesterol, bad blood circulation, heart attack, and heart disease. Garlic can to control the bad cholesterol, as well.

Scientists confirmed that garlic’s main active agent, allicin, is far better than various meds for ACE inhibitors, hypertension, and such, because it stops the angiotensin hormone and soothes blood vessels.

For preparation of this cure, you will need:

– 5 oz. garlic;

– 7 oz. of 95% alcohol (or rum)

This dose is enough for daily amount for 12 days.

Method of preparation:

Peel the garlic and then mash it. Next, add in the alcohol and mix in a bottle. Then, let it stay like that for 10 days and then strain it. Keep the mixture in the fridge.


In a glass of water, add 1 drop of this and drink it on an empty stomach, before breakfast and lunch. When it comes to night, mix 2 to 3 drops in a glass of water and drink before the dinner.

Source: myhealthyfuture.net

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