This Super-Powered Abs Exercise Has The Same Results As Spending A Day At The Gym!

If you’re reading this article and are interested in trying new exercises then we have something to say to you – your abs will be sore tomorrow, and you won’t have any regrets about it!

Yoga is a most relaxing way to stretch and move your body in various positions, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t provide a challenge sometimes. There is an exercise by the name of Down Dog abs which is a quick series of different movements that target your abs muscles and they lit them on fire! And it is an exercise that you’ll definitely feel on your oblique tomorrow morning.

According to an FITFUSION trainer Dashama Konah Gordon, the Down Dog abs exercise tones, strengthens and integrates a powerful yet fluid motion.

And here is how to do the super-powered abs exercise that will make sore!

Down Dog Abs

Start in a Down Dog position and lift your right leg into the air. This position is known by the name of down dog split position. While doing so, keep your back foot rooted on the ground for balance and stability and keep your elbows straight. Now bring your right knee under your torso and while you’re going forward, keep your right foot toward your glutes in order to engage your core some more. Keep your foot as far away from the ground as you can.

Now pause and extend your right leg back to the initial split position.

Then bring your right knee to meet with your right elbow. Pause for a moment and again go back to the initial down dog split position.

And finally repeat the same process as above but this time brings your right knee towards your left elbow, do a little pause and return to down dog split initial position.

That is how one full rep should look like. At the beginning, start with 3 to 5 reps and then switch the legs. Do the full set of exercises 3 times and in time, as you get used to the intensity of the exercise and build your strength up, you will eventually go up to 11-15 reps for 3 sets.


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