Treat More Than 25 Diseases With Baking Soda and Castor Oil Wipes!

Most of us have heard of the incredible health benefits that castor oil can provide, such as treating different conditions and diseases while boosting the overall immune system.

On top of that, castor oil can help accelerate the healing of wounds, relieve lower back pain, and eliminate dark spots from the skin as well as tons of other benefits.

Combining the two ingredients (baking soda and castor oil) is considered miraculous, as it can treat a number of medical conditions.

Some of them are:

  • Drink 5 drops of the mixture in the morning to treat allergies.
  • Treat nail fungus by applying a combination of baking soda and castor oil on your fingers.
  • Use the same mixture to treat injured wrists.
  • Combine these two ingredients to accelerate the healing of cuts, wounds and bruises.
  • Rub the mixture on your eyelids to relieve severe ocular allergies, before going to bed.
  • Put a drop of castor oil in your eyes before going to bed to treat cataract.
  • Use the mixture to help treat skin cancer.
  • Use the mixture to massage your soles and get rid of calcium deposits.
  • Brown spots on the skin can be eliminated by rubbing the mixture on the areas.
  • Apply this mixture on the neck for 3 months to treat chronic hoarseness.
  • Apply the mixture as a coating to treat diarrhea.
  • Heal pilonidal cysts by applying the mixture topically.
  • Use the combination on affected areas to relieve pain and itchiness caused by insects.
  • Apply the mixture on your skin to relieve warts.
  • Once a week, apply the mixture on your back to relieve lower back pain.
  • Eliminate tinnitus by taking 6-7 drops of castor oil.
  • Apply a bit of the oil on your scalp, and massage it for 20 minutes to boost hair growth.
  • Put some castor oil on your stomach during the last months of pregnancy to prevent stretch marks.
  • Every day, put some of the mixture on melanoma to treat the condition.
  • Use the mixture to accelerate the healing of hepatitis.
  • Taking a mixture of baking soda and castor oil can stop snoring.
  • This combination improves health of terminal phase cancer patients.
  • Treat hyperactivity by coating your belly with the mixture.
  • Put a few drops of castor oil in your ears to treat hearing loss.
  • In order to recover faster from alcoholism, use the combination of baking soda and castor oil.


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