The Truth About Aspartame We’re Not Being Told


The average person has a tendency to just buy products without doing much research about the compounds, the origin and the long-term consequences of using a specific product.

Luckily, the internet contains tons of information and facts that can help save a life sometimes.

Many people tend to think that aspartame is completely safe, as health “experts” paid by the government as well as medics keep convincing us by claiming that adding a bit of aspartame in our products won’t do a thing.

In other words, we’re being told it is safe only because of their profits.

Aspartame’s Real Origin

The first company to start developing Aspartame was G.D. Searle but they had trouble getting an FDA approvement since all the monkeys and mice that they used to test their products had developed severe tumors, brain lesions and seizures, with the majority of the lab animals dying.

The FDA rejected 16 approval applications, but Searle kept offering them “proof” that their product is good to go and completely safe.

After this, the story gets familiar.

Monsanto steps in the game and buys G.D. Searle and Co. in 1985 and the NutraSweet Company stays there until 2000, before being sold to J.W. Childs Equity Partners.

Aspartame has been confirmed by the FDA to cause 92 symptoms, including dizziness, nausea, blindness, weight gain, deafness and even death.

And what is the scariest of all is the fact that according to reports from the Aspartame Resource Center, over 6,000 products contain aspartame.

And although the internet may provide and stuff you with all the “good stuff” about aspartame, trust us, they’re doing everything in their power to hide the tons of bad things it can cause.

Detecting an Aspartame “Enriched” Product

According to the Aspartame Resource Center, simply look on the ingredient list. Producers are obligated to put aspartame on their label by the Food and Drug Administration rules.

But if the ingredient doesn’t label aspartame, look for the ingredient “phenylalanine” as this is a component of the aspartame toxin.



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