Try This Simple Trick With a Soap Bar To Ease Syndrome Of Restless Leg

Many people worldwide are familiar with the restless leg syndrome. This health issue is also known under the name Willis – Ekbom disease, which actually is a disorder caused by certain disruptions within the nervous system, resulting in uncontrollable movement of your legs (or arms) and ache.

The symptoms of this disease lead to poor sleep and inability to relax. There are some solutions for treatment of this disease, but however, maybe the best one is hidden in your own home.

Dr. Julian Whitaker, treated his patients suffering of this disease with the following method: the patients put a soap bar in their bed during the night and the soap helped them to relieve the symptoms significantly.

Although it hasn’t been determined completely, the scent of the soap molecules that evaporates into the air, is deposited on your leg, and then absorbed into your muscles, affecting the blood supply.

People worldwide have taken to this remedy that started to turning slowly into a household staple.

In addition, People’s Pharmacy have gone to the extent that they created a flat soap bar in order not to intrude into the bed. The lavender scent that evaporates help the people who have sleeping problems.

Some people place the soap in a free-roaming sock within their sheets, others hide it under the sheet. You can use it whatever you like and see if that works.

Moreover, there are few other remedies i.e. methods for treatment of this problem: Dr. Whitaker suggests taking calcium, iron, and magnesium as supplements since their deficiency might cause additional aches.

Try to be physically active, do some light daily exercises such as walking, because it will help you to reduce RLS. Minimize stress as much as you can and maintain proper sleep schedule.


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