Here is How to Use These 7 Essential Oil To Balance Hormones in Your Body

Both men and women face problems such as hormonal imbalances, which comes alongside symptoms like mood swings, fatigue, obesity, depression, fertility issues, and insomnia. When not treated on time, hormonal imbalances might cause the development of even more severe diseases like cancer and diabetes.

The following essential oils will help you treat the hormonal imbalance in a natural way:

Lavender – This oil will balance your hormones and is going to reduce cramps during period. Moreover, it is highly beneficial for women in PMS, since it reduces stress and discomfort.

Thyme – It is extremely beneficial for the production of progesterone. The deficiency of this hormone provokes infertility, depression, and PCOS.

Basil – The adrenal glands which produce cortisol, are actually the ones that help you to deal more easily with negative emotions. This oil improves the bodily response to emotional and physical stress. In addition, basil essential oil relieves exhaustion, stress, memory loss, and sleep disorders.

Clary sage – If you inhaled it, clary sage will improve the adrenal glands functions and thyroid hormones. According to a small group of researchers, clary sage lowers the cortisol levels and at the same time, it acts as an anti-depressant for mood improvement.

Lemongrass – Lack of progesterone and estrogen production leads to PMS, infertility, and irregular menstrual cycle. On the basis of their findings, Dutch researchers claim that ingredients in essential oil can improve the liver function and to balance hormones.

Sandalwood – Sandalwood essential oil establish a balance in the testosterone levels and at the same time, it regulates bodily hormones. It is a great aphrodisiac, and because of that, numerous people use it as a solution to their libido issues.

Myrtle – This essential oil regulates the function of the ovaries and improves the thyroid function.

The following are the best ways for treatment of hormonal imbalances:

You can use coconut oil as a carrier and rub the affected skin area with it.

In your regular aromatherapy session, add 2 drops of lavender oil and clary sage.

To relieve PMS symptoms, add 3 drops of clary sage oil and 2 drops of lavender oil to your warm bath.


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