Use This Genius Trick To Clean Clogged Drainpipes In Just 2 Minutes!

Clogged drainpipes can be highly annoying, as they require a lot of time to fix.

Although many people immediately reach for the chemical cleaners they see on commercials, these can often cost a lot of money yet fail to do the job of unclogging your drainpipes.

This is why we’re going to show you a trick you can use to unclog your drainpipes in less than 2 minutes.

Make sure you get rid of the excess water present in the sink before you start. Pour half a glass of sodium citrate and half a glass of baking soda into your clogged drainpipes.

Using a gentle flow pour 1 glass of warm water into the sink and this will create a chemical reaction between the baking soda and the sodium citrate, creating foam.

This will dissolve all the tiny pieces of food and fat or grease that have contributed to the clogging and will help them go down the pipes. After 10 minutes, rinse everything away using a greater flow of hot water.


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