Use THIS Simple Trick To Detect Fake Honey

One of the healthiest natural products that nature has provided us with is honey, and despite being significantly beneficial for our overall health.

Many people tend to confuse the healthy variants with false-advertised ones and they end up consuming honey which is far from pure.

Believe it or not, the majority of honey products in the marked has been through alterations and contains a chemical substance.

A public research study was conducted which discovered that around 76% of all honey sold at our local supermarkets has been subjected to ultra-filtration, which is a process that not only eliminates wax traces, but it removes the pollen from the honey as well.

This filtration process is also crucial for preventing the honey from crystalizing and to help extend the shelf life of the product, however, when pollen is removed from the honey, the product loses almost all of its health benefits.

Down below are a few tips that will help you avoid purchasing honey that lacks pollen:

  • Avoid buying honey from Walgreen’s and CVS Pharmacy
  • Honey found at McDonalds and KFC do not contain pollen either
  • Avoid honey sold at Target, Costco, and Sam’s Club
  • Honey Winnie the Pooh also contains no pollen

Other ways to recognize fake honey:

  • If a honey is pure, it will crystallize over time
  • Read the labels before buying the honey, as pure honey does not contain commercial glucose or high fructose corn syrup
  • Try mixing a few drops of iodine with a glass of water, and add some honey to it at last. If the color of the honey becomes blue, then the product has been combined with corn starch
  • Using a match, burn your honey to see if it ignites – pure honey will ignite under this condition
  • In a glass of water, mix a few drops of vinegar and add a bit of honey to it. If you notice foam, this means that your honey product has been adulterated with plaster
  • In a glass of water, add a spoon of honey and if it dissolves, this means that the honey is fake or poor quality, as poor honey does not dissolve even in water


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