WARNING: Aspartame Renamed – Now Being Marketed As A “Natural” Sweetener: Amino Sweet

One of the most controversial food additives for years now has been aspartame. It is considered to be one of the most dangerous ingredients that are used in the food industry.

However regulatory bodies do everything they can to keep this fact and ignore the negative results that have been provided from few studies conducted on the additive.

The studies have linked aspartame with various health issues from seizures to cardiovascular issues and diabetes, kidney failure as well as brain damage.

The concern around aspartame started back in 1967 when Dr. Harold Waisman, who was a biochemist at the University of Wisconsin, conducted an experiment about the effects of aspartame on baby monkeys. Seven monkeys took place in the experiments and they were fed milk containing aspartame. The results left Dr. Waisman speechless. One of the seven monkeys died and the other 5 suffered grand mal seizures.

And even though the dangers of this additive have been known for a very long time, the additive is still surprisingly used in some of the most popular foods and drinks today such as “diet beverages, breakfast cereals and chewing gum.

A crafty marketing move has labeled aspartame as amino-sweet in order to trick the consumers into thinking they’re buying an aspartame-free product. But don’t be fooled.

Aspartame is usually marketed under the brand names Equal or Nutrasweet and is used in many “diet” versions of popular foods. Aspartame is originally created in the USA using genetically modified bacteria. In EU aspartame is codified as “Food Additive E951”.

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