She Put Exactly 14 Eggs In Ice Cube Tray And Left It In The Freezer For 2 Hours What Happened Next Is Amazing!

Were you familiar with the fact that you can actually freeze eggs? If not, now it’s the time for us to reveal this secret to you. If you freeze eggs, you can keep them longer. Frozen eggs have the taste similar to the one when they are thawed. So, the next time you see eggs on sale, grab as much as you can to use them when you will later need.

How to Freeze Eggs

Take an ice cube tray and crack the eggs in it. Then, put the tray into the freezer and let it stay there until the eggs become frozen solid (or approximately 2 hours). As soon as they are frozen, remove them the tray. If they are stuck, put them in warm water for 45 seconds and they will immediately pop out.

Then, store them into a freezer safe bag and you can keep them for up to a 12 months. When you need them, take out from the freezer and let them stay in a room temperature.

Then, they are ready to be used in any recipe, including breading chicken, baking, scrambled eggs, or french toast. But, in case you want to prepare recipes that need only egg yolks or whites, freeze them separately, i.e. freeze the yolk into one ice cube spot and the white in another.

Other Foods You Should Freeze

There are many other things you can freeze, beside eggs:

Homemade Stock – Store approximately 2 tbsp. of stock and use it later on for making a sauce or reheating leftovers.

Coffee – If you store coffee in the ice cube tray, and then add it afterwards into your coffee, you will get even stronger iced coffee.

Milk and Buttermilk – If you have milk leftover or buttermilk, and you don’t want them to spoil, keep them in the freezer. Thus, you will always have by your side when you need it.

Lemon Juice – If you keep lemon juice in tray for the ice cubes, you will have always a ready cube of lemon juice.

Fresh Herbs in Olive Oil – If you want to keep the flavor of the herbs and use them throughout all of the seasons in the year, store them in ice cube trays and add some olive oil.

Grated Ginger – Buy fresh ginger and peel it. Then, grate it and put it into the ice cube trays in order to have ready spice for each dish at any time.


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